* Personal Hygiene.


*Minimum Handling.

*Timely Breast Feeding.

*Clothing as per Climate.


*No Oil massage.

*No pouring of oil on scalp (head), in Nose, Ears or Eyes.

*No Kajal in Eyes.

*AC Temperature not below 260C

*No Bottle-Feeding, Nipples Shield, Pacifiers



*Personal Hygiene.


*Care of Nipples and Breasts.

*Express excess breast milk.

*Sitz Bath for Episiotomy- Sitting in a bathtub with diluted Dettol mixed

lukewarm water for 20 minutes/day.

*Cleaning Stitches (Episiotomy) from Front Backwards (not in reverse direction) especially after passing stools

*Postnatal Exercises.

*Stay fit.

*Come back to your Pre- Pregnancy weight.


*Don’t wet Caesarean Operation Dressing.

*Don’t allow Breast to get Engorged or form an Abscess.

*Don’t eat Laddoos ( made of any material), consume Ghee or Oil.

*Don’t take excessive rest for 42 days or longer.

*No Sex for initial 42 Days.

*Not to plan next Pregnancy for 3 to 5 years.

CONTRACEPTION : Please use reliable contraceptive method when you start

relations after 42 days.


1) Condom (Nirodh-for Husband) and Today Vaginal Pessary (wife has to insert

in her Vagina, one Contraceptive Pessary, 15 minutes before intercourse).

Combined use : success rate 99%. No common side effects.

2) Copper-T (IUCD)- To be inserted by Dr.Oza in patient’s Uterus 42 days after

Delivery or between 5th and 10th day of Menses. Common Side effects-

Bleeding increases by 25% for following 3 cycles. Follow up as advised. Success

Rate 98%.

3) Oral Contraceptive Pills- To-be consumed by Wife, Orally DAILY at same fixed

time at night from Day 4 of starting of Menses for 21 days. Common side effect

Nausea, Vomiting, Giddiness for initial few days. Weight gain 1kg/Year. To be

stopped 3 Months before planning Next Pregnanacy. Sucess rate 99.6%.


Permanent Method of Contraception-

1) Female Sterilization- By Laparoscopy OR Mini-Laparotomy. Irreversible.

Failure Rate 0.4%. OR

2) Male Sterilization Please Note: After Operation, Husband has to use Condomsfor 90 Days OR till Semen Report shows that there are no Sperms in it. Failure Rate 0.4%.