We embrace innovation, leverage modern equipments for ultrasonography, revolutionizing medical imaging with enhanced precision and clarity

Sonography Services

Offering state of the art and modern technologies for medical screening and imaging


Offering expectant parents early reassurance and accurate dating of their pregnancy

NT Scan
(11-13.6 weeks)

Non-invasive prenatal screening test, providing information about risk for chromosomal abnormalities

Anomaly Scan
(18-22 weeks)

Detailed examination of the baby’s anatomy detecting any abnormalities and ensuring comprehensive prenatal care

Fetal 2D Echo
(23-24 weeks)

Capture detailed images of the baby’s heart, allowing for comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of cardiac conditions

Growth Scan
(28-30 weeks)

Monitoring the baby’s development and measuring their size to ensure proper growth and well-being throughout pregnancy

Obstetric Doppler
(34-37 weeks)

Providing insights into the blood flow of the mother and baby, allowing for early detection of any complications 

Gynaecology & Malignancy Screening

Offering screening services for early detection, prevention, and management of various reproductive system disorders 

Menstrual Disorder

Providing diagnosis, treatment, and support to address and manage various conditions affecting women’s menstrual health

Pelvic Masses

Evaluation and treatment for pelvic masses, ensuring timely diagnosis and support for patients facing such conditions

Ovulation Monitoring

Ovulation monitoring services to track and analyze menstrual cycle, assisting in optimizing fertility and aiding in family planning.


Mammography screenings to detect breast abnormalities early, enabling timely diagnosis and effective treatment options

Cytology – PAP Smear

PAP smear tests to screen for cervical abnormalities and detect early signs of cervical cancer


Specialized procedure that allows detailed examination of the cervix, aiding in diagnosis & treatment of abnormal cervical cells

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