Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Supriya Shetye's Story

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, I suddenly started leaking amniotic fluid. There was no pain in abdomen. We rushed  to Dr. Oza’s Hospital. Dr. Oza performed quick Ultrasonography scan which showed borderline amount of amniotic fluid, but detail weight was only 1006 grams. Looking at the scenario, Dr. Oza counseled us about the possibilities, first one being giving medicines for fetal lungs and brain and protection followed by delivery of the baby and NICU admission of the baby. Dr. Oza explained us that in this scenario baby’s weight gain can take double time in NICU than it would take in the womb. Second possibility was complete bed rest with head low position as long as possible with daily monitoring of my fetus. After many counseling and discussions, we opted for conservative approach with due risks.


Initially I was given IV fluids, IV antibiotics to prevent infections and medication for fetal lung maturity and fetal brain protection. After that I was put on oral antibiotics. Dr. Oza visited me twice a day. I was asked to do Daily Fetal Movement Count Charting and Daily NST was started till the day of delivery, NST is Non-Stress Test recording fetal movements and fetal heart rate acceleration. Every week ultrasonography was performed which showed my baby was gaining adequate weight, which had given us hope. It was difficult for me to remain in bed for such long period but somehow I managed to do so. I spent 7 weeks that is 49 days on complete bed rest. On day 49 (34.5 weeks), ultrasonography was performed which showed fetal weight around 2kg but amount of liquid had reduced. Dr. Oza told us that it was the right time to deliver the baby. On day 50, I delivered a baby girl weighing 1.95 kg. Baby was taken to NICU for observation and investigations. My baby did not require any oxygen supply or ventilator or even Antibiotics after the delivery, since all her reports were normal. On 5th day my baby was on full oral feeds and was discharged from NICU. This journey from 27 weeks to 34.5 weeks wasn’t easy but worth waiting. On 56th day I went home with my baby on routine care. My baby was safe all because of Dr. Oza’s guidance and expertise. Thank you Dr. Oza for your incredible service.  

Nikita Sharma's Story

I, Advocate Nikita Sharma, am a patient of Dr. Oza’s hospital and maternity home. Dr. Oza  delivered both of my babies and I couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise and compassion throughout my journey. 


My first pregnancy was in the year 2019 and I trusted Dr. Oza and his care and guidance as I know him since a long time through friends and relatives. My first baby boy was delivered through C-section because my baby had passed meconium (stools) in my womb and my labour was getting prolonged. It was a critical time and Dr. Oza mad the right decision after consulting with me and my family to proceed with C-section.


The second time I was pregnant, it was more challenging as I already had gone through a previous C- section. But due to the support and guidance of Dr. Oza I could have a normal delivery. Sir guided me through each stage of labour and gave me reassurance ensuring that my labour was smooth and safe. I highly recommend Dr. Oza’s hospital to any expectant parent seeking exceptional care during child birth. Dr. Oza sir is the best doct0r in Panvel and Navi Mumbai.  

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